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VRS RTK network service

RTK correction service on demand

RTK FIX supplies RTCM messages via the NTRIP protocol on an on demand basis. Meaning you can have access to our RTK GNSS network at any time you like. RTK FIX sends the new RTCM 3 messages via the internet so your RTK GPS equipment can create a centimetre accurate VRS RTK solution.

Don’t need full access to our RTK network?

When you don’t need full time access to our VRS RTK correction service you can always try one of our daily plans. RTK FIX grands you access to its RTK network whenever you want to. Pick and choose the days you want to have access and only pay for what you need. Great for companies that work on a project basis and only need access to an RTK GNSS network for a few days!


Is VRS RTK Better than CORS RTK?

Unlike a regular CORS RTK network, RTK FIX is what’s called an VRS RTK network. With a CORS RTK network you receive the RTCM messages from the nearest GNSS reference station. A VRS RTK network like RTK FIX takes the data from these RTK base stations and creates a Virtual reference station near your own GPS receiver position. This way we can decrease the baseline to the GNSS reference station and increase the GPS accuracy all the way to 1 centimeter accurate.  

How is RTK FIX using the NTRIP protocol?

We send the RTCM online via the NTRIP protocol. Which means that the RTCM correction data is send over IP. So via the internet. As long as your device is connected to the internet, you can use our service!

Most VRS RTK enabled devices have a what’s called NTRIP Client on board which is basically just a gateway between the GPS receiver and the NTRIP caster, which is RTK FIX. What does this NTRIP protocol mean? RTK NTRIP stands for Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol. Simply said, we send you the RTCM messages via the internet. 

RTK GNSS network performance

Affordable real-time VRS RTK accuracy

The world is changing rapidly and so is technology. Accuracy and positioning are key nowadays and thats where Real-time VRS RTK correction networks come into play. First bound by country borders or controlled by a select few. Now open for the world to use. Affordable pricing and extreme coverage make it possible for everyone to implement accurate positioning into their systems.

RTK FIX network performance

With over 2400+ RTK base stations and growing, RTK FIX can provide VRS RTK correction data in most areas. Instead of sending RTCM GPS only data, we provide full constellation coverage. Meaning we provide RTCM messages for Glonass GPS Galileo and BeiDou. This way our RTK network can give you optimal performance, even in the toughest conditions.

RTK FIX uses the latest RTCM 3 messages for full bandwidth optimisation on higher integrity. What does RTCM stand for? The RTCM meaning is that it stands for Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services, which is the standard rtk NTRIP protocol for VRS RTK networks to use. The RTCM messages are send from the RTK base stations to an RTK GPS receiver or any RTK enabled device


We made sure that RTK FIX is compatible with all types of machinery and equipment when it comes to centimeter accurate positioning. Down below you can find a variety of industries where our customers are using it in. From Surveying to Drones, RTK FIX is the perfect solution for everyone to use. 

Dealers and partners

Join our network

RTK FIX offers a range of solutions for anyone that sells and promotes within this industry. From online sales to the traditional offline sales so that dealers and manufacturers can offer a complete solution to their customers. No matter how you work, we’ve found a way to make it work for you.

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Your own network

Looking to have your own RTK network with your own name on it?

We can help you with that! Have access to our complete network and offer it under your own name. You’re in control. Manage your clients in a personalised user backend and feel the power of our fully automated licensing system. To fully white-label the network we provide you with a custom IP address where your customers login from.

Give your company name a boost by offering personalised RTK solutions to your clients!


Want to know more? 

Instant RTK – API

Life made easy

Specially designed for software developers and hardware manufacturers. Integrate the “Instant RTK – API” into your system and give your customers the ease of use when it comes to RTK corrections.

With this API the process of filling in and connecting to our NTRIP caster will be fully automated. “Instant RTK” turns your system into a Plug & Play application when it comes to RTK corrections. 

Want to know what else it can do? 


Good coverage is key to the performance of a VRS RTK network and so our mission is to expand further than ever before, covering more and more countries around the globe. Our RTK base stations have an average baseline distance of 50KM, making sure our RTK FIX can give you an accurate VRS RTK solution at any time.










Plans & Pricing

RTK FIX offers competitive pricing for any type of surveyor. Ease of use with a month or year license or plan per project with our day options.

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