RTK VRS Network for United Kingdom – Daily

19,95 Ex VAT.

RTK Subscriptions per day 

Are you working on a project basis and you only need access for a couple days? We’ve got this covered for you! Purchase and activate a day license and get instant acces to our network service. Manage your license in our advanced user portal where you can choose when to activate it.

Want to plan ahead or activate licenses in advance? With the RTK coins you can pre-purchase as many days as you like and activate them whenever you need to. Great for when you know a certain project is coming up and you want to make sure everything is ready to go for the job. RTK coins give you the flexibility and along with our advanced user portal the efficiency to plan and budget for every project.

19,95 Ex VAT.

RTK VRS Network for United Kingdom – Daily

19,95 Ex VAT.

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Get connected in seconds! RTK FIX is the first company that offers RTK network subscriptions for your RTK GNSS receiver in any way you like, right there on the spot.  Out in the field and need quick access? Just log in, select your preferred RTK VRS network subscription and instantly receive your NTRIP username and password! Our RTK VRS subscription management system is fully automated so you can connect your RTK GPS whenever you like. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! From full access to all VRS base reference stations worldwide, to just selecting it per country to make sure you get the best possible price! We make sure we’ve got you covered. With more than enough RTK VRS base stations (also known as reference stations) we make sure we have full coverage within the whole of the UK.


With an accuracy of +-1 centimeter with your RTK GPS receiver on the latitude and longitude (X, Y) and +-1.5 centimeter on the altitude (Z) RTK FIX delivers premium RTCM3 correction data via NTRIP for highly accurate RTK positioning solutions.


With RTK FIX you’ll have access to all CORS base stations within the given area. So if your company has RTK GPS receivers working in multiple countries we make sure you don’t have to switch between NTRIP accounts and RTK networks anymore. Just 1 username, 1 password and you’re good to go!


With high powered servers on strategically optimal locations RTK FIX can deliver your RTCM correction data via the NTRIP protocol to your GPS antenna at high speeds. This way we can insure that we minimise the delays and we can maximise your RTK GNSS accuracy in the field. Our RTK VRS correction data for GNSS receiver is send via the internet. In industry terms via NTRIP protocol.


RTK FIX allows you to automatically fetch the mountpoints from your RTK GPS receiver or surveying software. All you have to do is fill in the IP address along with the port and RTK FIX will automatically send the available list of mountpoints to your GNSS antenna. This allows for an easy setup without memorising all the data.


Which mountpoint do you need? Well which country are you in?

To make it even easier for you we have given our mountpoints country names. No more difficult codes and names for specific streams that nobody understands. So next time when you want to connect with your GPS antenna to our network just select the country you’re in and you’re good to go!


RTK FIX is compatible with any RTK GNSS receiver that is capable of handling RTCM RTK correction over NTRIP. Most common brands used are Trimbe, Leica, Topcon, South, Kolida, Emlid and many more.  In general you will be able to achieve an accuracy between 1 to 2 centimetres. This is under normal conditions and could depend some external variables. With VRS (virtual reference station) we are capable of delivering highly accurate correction data, supporting constellations like GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU depending on where you are.


We have made accessibility as easy as possible for you! With our (ASMS) Advanced Subscription Management System we make sure you’re connected within minutes. Get connected in 3 steps:

  1. For first time users, purchase a subscription on our site or through any of our [partners]. Existing users can login into their user portal.
  2. Our (ASMS) Advanced Subscription Management System will instantly create an account for you and activate your subscription. You can manage and create new subscriptions in your own dashboard.
  3. After your purchase manually enter your subscription details in the NTRIP section of your software or RTK receiver. Bought a subscription within the software of our partners? Then you don’t have to do anything. Our “Instant RTK” API will take care of everything.
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